Film Making

Film Making Workshop : Hollywood Secrets. This workshop explores the many myths and secrets in creating Hollywood films. Explaining basic and techniques used in Hollywood. We are offering 1-day, 5day, 10-day courses.
-Video editing
-Colour grading
-Special effects
-Lighting and Sound


Music Production & Song Writing

The song writing workshop in a multi class overview of various styles and methods of composing and writing songs. With these insights participants can start producing their own music. The Music Productions course is designed for people who want produce music digitally and take skills to next level. Various styles of music are taught using  proffesional music software.


Photography & Photoshop

Learn how to combine the two or learn each individually. For those who are seeking a photography workshop in subjects ranging from Basic Photography to Advanced Photography. We offer an insight to various techniques to improve your skills.
-Basic Photography
-Portrait Photography
-Glamour/Fashion Photography

For those who are seeking a Photoshop workshop we offer Advanced Retouching and Photo Manipulation.
-Image manipulation
-Color editing